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Third Sunday Morning Mass

On Sunday morning at St. Stephen we come together and we rejoice in our Salvation. We do so in such a way that others desire to be part of our community, because of our outreaching faith, our Church is filled with disciples who desire to walk in the ways of the Lord, well at some masses our church is overfilled with disciples, (have you thought what a cool problem we have, we have an over abundant amount of people wanting to worship with us).

Since the beginning of July our average weekly attendance at Church has been 3,670 (through August 8th), in theory our Church can easily hold more people than that, but we are still adjusting as a community to pew seating rather than individual seats. Just like the Lord hears “the cry of the poor”, I have heard the “cry of the parish” and we will be adding a 3rd Sunday morning Mass. We are still in desperate need of liturgical volunteers, so if you are a person who feels we need a 3rd Mass, please consider volunteering so that all the Masses can be celebrated with dignity.

It was a hard decision to go between the following two options:

1.       7:30        9:30        11:30

2.       8:00        10:00     12:00

The best option for our community to help facilitate the timing of Faith Formation and which choir will lead the community at which Mass, it has be decided to go with option number 1. 7:30, 9:30, 11:30. Once we have all the liturgical ministers for all the Masses trained we will begin our new schedule. We hope to be able to begin our new schedule the first weekend of October.

I ask you please don’t get too upset if this was not your choice, sincerely remember a very important thing “Jesus still loves you”. I know it is an early start for the first Mass, trust me, Fr. Curtis and I agree with you.

Thank you to all who participated with over 1300 votes being cast, it is very impressive how involved you all are in our community. It brought me joy to witness firsthand what I’ve been told about this community, you are very active and involved in your Church, thank you again for being such an important member of our community.

Now to conclude with the beautiful words of St. Paul in his first letter to the Thessalonians, “Rejoice always, pray constantly, give thanks in all circumstances for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus for you. (1Thes 5: 16-18)

Peace and joy,

Fr. Dermot

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