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We hope you will enjoy our Fall issue of Quarterly Blessings, our parish magazine.  This particular issue has touched and awakened many of us to "God Moments" in our lives.  What are your "God Moments"? 

God continues to inspire us and lead us interiorly:

  • Fr. Curtis, "The Bible"
  • Marki Tauceda, "Carleen"
  • Bob Robens, "Divine Reading
  • Seminarian Donald Amodeo, "Eye of the Beholder"
  • Denise Moyer, "Giving Thanks"
  • Gloria St. Amant, "The Fear of the Lord"
  • Lori Russell, "Miracles Daily"
  • Rebecca Till, "A God 'Moment'"
  • Terry Modica, "Keep Your Eyes on Jesus"
  • Megan Glogowski, "Saint Sidebar"
  • Bryan Thatcher MD, "Conversion"
  • Marki Tauceda, "Journey of a Pilgrim"
  • Janet Swilley, "Reader's Corner"
  • and "Just for Fun" for kids!
  • plus 15 "God Winks" shared by our parishioners!!


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